Correa F2UE
Universal milling machine
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Milling machine in the state I bought it ...
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Universal vertical and horizontal milling machine

Table:1200 x 305 mm (47.1/2 x 12")
Longitudinal feed:      950 mm (37.1/2")
Cross feed:260 mm (10.1/4")
Vertical feed:     475 (18.3/4")
Spindle head:     ISO 40
Number of speeds:     12 (40-1800RPM)
Weight:      2,100 kg (4650 pounds)
... and now in my new workshop extension.

I must accustom myself to a different sequential way of working. With the drill/mill I used to crank the Y-feed by hand while the X-powerfeed was travelling.
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I love the DRO and have to learn all its programming possibilities
The machine is in fact a NC (not CNC) and with the matrix defined paths with endstops can be defined. For the hobbyist I am not very helpful as I do not make series of parts.
I hope I will always choose the right button.
So the southern part of the extension is already full. For the northern part go to the Menziken lathe