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This machine was free of charge in an auction. I had never the opportunity to see such a machine and I thought if it does not suit any of my needs, I can still scrap it.

The handwheel on the left is a manual positioning of the file height when one wants to start the file at a certain height.

Inside that handwheel, there is another one with which the length of the file stroke can be adjusted from some 1" to 4./2".

The front door hides a swivelling tray and a fixed tray to store tools.

One can use it as a jig saw too (not yet tried) but a special blade holder was supplied.

Next time I will need some belt pulleys I will try to make the keyslot with this machine instead of a shaper which I do not own anyhow.
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The files used are normal hand files which are grounded with a tooth at their tip to stay on the lower holder.

The too levers are just clamps to hold the work.

The pipe is attached to the air compressor to clear the work of filed dust.

The large bar at the back is the mecanism oscillating up ad down.
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Swiss made - The company has closed years ago