Chuck flanges can make a practical simple divider
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This 4 indenpendant jaws diam. 420 mm (16.1/2") chuck is a little headacke as it weighs around 65 kg (144 pounds)
Every time I wanted to drill a few holes after turning on the lathe, I had to assemble the dividing head on my milling machine.

I came to the idea that I could make a simple divider out of the flange of my various lathe chucks and I am very happy I did it.

Turning, putting the drilling spindle onto the tool holder, bringing the hanging driving motor close to the drilling spindle and I can drill the wanted holes at the right place.
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A dividing plate with 72 holes fixed on the chuck, a pin head in the tailstock, the drilling spindle on the toolholder.

First 72 times center drilling, then a diam.2mm hole, then a diam.3.5 and the final hole with a diam. 4mm finger mill and the dividing flange is finished.
Some aluminum milling and a spring knob, the dividing head is ready to use.
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