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Spreadsheet for the Weight Calculation of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and plastics

I use this spreadsheet when I want to calculate the costs of raw materials when I start a project in my hobby workshop.

Under <material> give one of the abbreviations shown on top of the page so that the correct specific weight formula is used.

Once you have given a figure in the column <Diameter>, you cannot put any figure in <thickness> and <width>. The same apply for flat or squares, you cannot enter a <diameter>.

Do not be surprised that the formulas indicated for your information on the second spreadsheet do not correspond to specific weights you would find in technical books or dictionaries. The used specific weights are figures which come out of the steel industry and takes the rolling tolerances into account. These figures bring you much closer to the real weight of your stocks than i.e. using 7.85 specific weight for steel which you are taught at school or found in all the engineering books.

The spreadsheet can surely easily be transformed for working in inches and decimals of inch. The specific weight formulas in columns V9 to W12 should be divided by 25.4.

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Conversion Programm from almost any unit to other units from Joshua Madison. Extremely helpful, quick and so simple program to use