Wabeco F 1200 E
Milling Machine
midi size

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The power feed control left for the X travel is home made. The motor is taken from a battery powered drill which includes a clutch and only costs the purchase of such a drilling machine. There is no need to have microswitches at the end stops, the clutch coupling out warns by its sound without destroying any thing on the mill, the carriage spindle or nut.
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German made precision milling machine for modelers and home machinists sold in the US under the brand Prazi (wrongly written from German "Präzi" meaning precision)
X = 260 mm.(  10.1/2")
Y =140 mm.(  5.1/2")
Z = 320 mm ( 12.1/2")

Drilling spindle way = 40 mm (1.5")
Spindle MT2
Continuous electronic spindle speed control from 180 to 3000 RPM
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