Sculpture Stand
With the time I did not appreciate standing all the time when sculpturing.

I looked for an old drill press, scrapped its head and made a sculpturing stand in front of which I can sit comfortably.
Fitted with a turning plate, a tilting vise, I can fix the figure in any position and height I want.

I made 2 special clamping plates for sculpturing panels.

The lamps at the outside use regular incandescent bulbs. I put fluorescents lamps in the center to keep from burning my hair when I get close to the work. I haven´t got much left as it is and my wife did not want me to loose any more !!

I also use the same stand for soapstone carving.
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Interchangeable holding plates made with a sheet of aluminum as a base, a wood plank to sustain the work and 2 clamps is the whole mechanic.

I made a larger and a smaller one.
When using the stand for soapstone carving, I use pub serving trays in plastic or like the lower example a tart baking tin. One to two home made sacs of sand are welcome so that the workpiece stays well in place and do not break when exercising some force onto it.
Smaller holding plate
Underneath, the wooden block to fix onto the vise
Larger holding plate
Underneath the wooden block to fix onto the vise
Home made sand sacs which here and tere are being emptied and washed as are saturated with talc powder
The Stand for Soapstone Carving
The stand for Wood Carving