Ornamental Turning
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The first cuts and tries on Ornamental turning were made with a cross slide from Teknatool (NZ).
In order to lower the expenses of a special ornamental slide, their principal is based on having the piece to work on on the cross slide and the tools hold by a chuck on the spindle of the wood lathe.

I found ornamental turning fascinating and bought quite a lot of literature about it. I realized that being fond of rather larger pieces, it would be better to go the way the old masters of the 16th-20th century did, in other words the piece on the lathe chuck and the cross slide holding the flying cutter or other tools.

By chance I found in summer 2000 an old engine lathe made in Germany dating 1920 which had the feet supporting a plank at the back like I imagined I would like to have. I could not resist and bought the beast, a bit expensive though, but sometimes the spirit overcomes the judgement!

The pictures below show one photo which must be in the workshop of the previous owner quite a number of years ago where the rust was not yet so bad. I found this picture and a few others in the drawer under the lathe
Must be at the previous owner´s workshop who I have unfortunately not known
Rusty, clogged everywhere, that is the state in which it came by truck at home
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