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Links to Sites which helped me
This page was last updated on: April 9, 2013
Atlas spare parts
The Clausing company with a good service.
Antique Tools and Tooltrip of Stan Faullin
A complete set of ATLAS documentation and exploded parts lists.
Ron Thibault
How to overhaul and renovate an ATLAS lathe.
Roger Van Maren
How a desesperate ATLAS lathe can look like with patience and care.
Atlas-Craftsman Newsgroup
Helpful people for everybody owning an ATLAS lathe, milling machine, drill press, sanding machine. Subscribe is a must !
US Navy
Excellent engineering manual for the beginner for downloading (15Mb). Some pics are not shown, but still worthwhile. (opens in another browser window)
US Army
Excellent engineering manual for the beginner for downloading. (opens in another browser window)
Atlas shaper and milling machine users group
Helpful people owning Atlas shaper and milling machines.
Milling machines users group
Helpful people owning milling as well as drill/mill machines..
The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Works
Interesting Website for every hobbyist in metalwork.
The Virtual Machinist
A few nice things to download.
Marty Escarcega Webpage
A visit to one of the Atlas Master.
Skip Evans
Always active with some interesting and nice projects. Very good page of links as well.
Norms and Standards
Conversion Tables
A big thank you to all who have helped and encouraged me when problems seem to let me down.
Timken bearings
You want to know what are Timken bearings. Download this .PDF file.
Metall Lathe
Affordable iron castings for various projects related to lathes.
Atlas Press Company
Old catalogues and Wood Working Machines. Very interesting.
New England Model Engineering Society
A group for those who enjoy metal working and machining.
Joel Stribling
Some nice pictures too when one does not remember in which order the Atlas parts have to be reassembled.
Rust removal with Bob Neidorff
He knows what rust is and his advices are very competent.
Lathe Alignment
A solution to the problem everybody has to tackle when the machine comes in.
Power Twist Link Belt
The belt which is smooth running and no need to dismantle the spindle stock when replacing.  I have no interest in these two companies. It just happens that they have nice pics and good explanation about it.
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Chaski WWW Board
Interesting articles.
Bench Mill/Drills
Active Newsgroup for people using drill/mill machines.
Metall Webnews
A virtual newsletter for online metall enthusiasts.
Metallworking. com
A resource for the community of hobbyists and small businesses.