Peerless PDM-20
Drill / Mill Machine
(not yet realized)
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PSU 15VDC - 16A for the horizontal feed o the drill/mill machine
Modified belt tension central pulley. A few turns of the handwheel and the belt is loose or tensioned. Very handy instead of the original screw and bolt.
Another view showing how the original setup has been modified with a small slide inside
The cheap DRO helps eventhough it is difficult to read when the vise passes over it while it is no problem for the quill feed.

I prefer to spend more money for a better DRO i.e. from Shooting Star Technology (US) or BW Electronics (UK).
I did not like the original fixing of the column with a wrench key. I changed against lever nuts, a handy and worthwhile modification.
The machine is driven by a 3-phase 380VAC frequency converter for variable speed. A home made RPM counter is showing the exact speed (click on the blue dot to go to the RPM counter page).
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My old Taiwanese wonder
is still working
RPM Counter
Home made
RPM Counter
Home made Carriage Feed
Home made
Carriage feed